Last week was a busy week. We went to the capitol building in Richmond, Virginia to meet with the Governor, State Senators and Delegates They named it Katelyn Hall Day. We started out at the General Assembly building and met with other March of Dimes volunteers who were there to lobby the senators and delegates. We asked that they approve the state cigarette tax increase, approve the Smoke Free Air Legislation and for assurance that the increase in elgibility for FAMISMoms to 200% of the federal poverty level will be enacted on July 1, 2009 as approved during the 2008 session. My mom and dad helped me with that.

My dad received an honorary deputy award from Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr. of the Richmond City Sheriffs Office. We visited with our Leesburg, VA representative Delegate Joe May. He told us the story of his grandson who was born prematurely and is now 9 years old. We asked him to come and walk in the Loudoun County March for Babies. We also visited with Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel. She sat on the floor and played with me for a little while. She was impressed with how well I’m doing. We also met with Delegate Ken Plum.

Governor Tim Kaine signed a proclamation for “Katelyn Hall Day.” He gave me the pen he signed the proclamation with. It has his signature on it. We found out that Governor Kaine had a premature son. My mom said that 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely in the United States. That’s a lot of babies. That is why we are working hard to raise awareness of this problem and how the March of Dimes is working to find the solution.