Princess Katelyn

Princess Katelyn

We traveled to Houston, TX to attend the Continental Airlines March for Babies Kickoff. When we first got to Houston, we went to a family teams event. About 100 family teams gathered to watch the March of Dimes on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family who got a new home had a premature baby and also volunteer with the March of Dimes.

I always love going to Continental Airlines events because they are the official airlines sponsor of the National Ambassador Program and have been since 2006. At the kickoff, my parents spoke and I played with Susan, Terry, and Chris. After the kickoff, we went to visit Continental’s reservation center, where all the reservations are made. We walked around each department to thank everyone for supporting the March of Dimes, and working so hard to raise money. In the cafeteria, there was a giant person made entirely of balloons. At first I was scared, but once I checked him out it was okay.

When we got to the airport, Cheryl from Continental took us to the flight attendant lounge where they had a table decorated in princess and March of Dimes things. There were two beautiful princess dress for me to play dress up, and a yummy princess cake. They also had a bag full of fun activities for me to play with on the plane.

Cheryl also took us to the pilot lounge. We met the pilots who were going to be flying our plane home that evening. That was fun.

Thank you Continental!!! I can’t wait to see everyone again at the Houston March for Babies!!