Katelyn and Sentaor Madden

Katelyn and Sentaor Madden

We spent 5 days traveling all over New Jersey. We started off at the State House in Trenton for Lobby Day. We met with Senator Vitale and Senator Madden. I thanked them for supporting the March of Dimes. My family was recognized on the Senate floor and presented with a proclomation.

We also visited BAE Systems and some Kmart stores, including the Kmart that raises the most for the March of Dimes out of all the Kmarts in the state. Other companies we visited were Kearny Federal Savings, Citi, KPMG, PSE&G, Covance, Amerihealth and Johnson & Johnson. At Kearny Federal Savings, I signed a gigantic sneaker that has been signed by the last 5 National Ambassadors.

We also visited two schools – South Amboy Middle School and Carusi Middle School. The kids were so excited that we were there and asked really great questions about my story and the effects of premature birth. I had a lot of fun being in the schools and making new friends.

We went to Nassau Broadcasting and visited with WPST. They presented the March of Dimes with a $5,000 check. They had a contest where listeners could win a trip to Italy. Instead of taking the trip, the winner could have $5,000 donated to the March of Dimes. A wonderful nurse won the trip and instead of taking the trip she did have the money donated to help save babies. That was extremely generous of her.

We toured the NICU of the Atlanticare Regional Medical Center. There was a reception where a group of Brownies presented blankets that they made for the babies in the NICU. I had fun playing with the Bronwnie troop.

Our last stops were at the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office and the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office. We stopped in to say thank you for protecting babies. My dad even got on the news while we were in Atlantic County. He was interviewed about why we were in NJ and about the March of Dimes.

I had a busy and fun week in New Jerse!