Katelyn with Mr. Joe Wood

Katelyn with Mr. Joe Wood

Last week we went to St. Louis for the Famous Footwear kickoff. Famous Footwear is a National Sponsor of March for Babies.

Before the kickoff, my parents got up really early for an interview on KFTK talk radio. The host, Jaime Allman has a beautiful daughter who was born early. She is now 16 months old. I didn’t go to the interview. Our plane got in late the night before so my mom and dad let me sleep in.

The Famous Footwear Kickoff was held in the auditorium of Clayton High School. They had a gigantic beach ball. I was a little scared of it because it was so big. There were also mini March of Dimes footballs in honor of NFL Hall of Famer Jackie Smith. I played with the footballs while the adults listened to the program.

I met Jacki Smith and Joe Wood, President of Famous Footwear. He gave me some pretty new shoes. One pair are really sparkely.

After the kickoff, we visited the St. Louis County Police Department and met with Police Chief Colonel Jerry Lee. He gave me a new koala bear names Kiki. Everyone at the police department was so nice. They all support the March of Dimes. A clown was there too. She made me a balloon hat and gave me a big red nose.

Then we went to the Famous Footwear/Brown Shoes Headquarters. They have a gigantic shoe made out of normal size shoes right outside. I had my picture taken next to it.

We went home Thursday night. I was excited to go to school on Friday and tell all of my friends about my fun travels.

Next week we will be off to Pennsylvania and Connecticut.