Me and Bob

Me and Bob

First we visited Kmart and they had a very large cake with a picture of me and my story on it. I got to help cut it up.  My most fun thing to do was push the shopping cart around and say hi to all of the Kmart employees who are working so hard to see the little paper feet at the register.

Then we visited Bob’s Discount Furniture where I got to help shoot a March for Babies public awareness announcement with Bob and Cathy. In the front of the store there was a large fish pond. I liked watching the fish swim around.  I also had fun trying out some of Bob’s furniture. I especially liked the bunk beds.

Next we went to Cigna to say hi to everyone. I passed out my cards in the cafeteria. Then we had lunch with everyone.  Some employees brought their children.  I had fun playing with them. After that we went to Uconn Health Center where we toured the NICU. My parents spoke with one of the parents who had a preemie there.

The last thing we did was have a radio interview on 96.5 TIC-FM. My mom and dad talked about March forBabies and I got to play ball with a new friend.