Shopping at Kmart

Shopping at Kmart

 On the first day we were in Philadelphia, we visited Cigna and Health Partners. Cigna had a tea party for me with lemonade and animal crackers. I got a brand new stuffed monkey from Ed Hanway, Cigna’s CEO. He was very nice and likes to do a lot to support the March of Dimes. They are a leader in fundraising for March for Babies and have raised $22 million in the last 15 years.  Health Partners is also a longtime partner of the March of Dimes. They had a large green kangaroo at their March for Babies kickoff.  He was fun to play with.  For dinner, we went to Continental Restuarant. They participate in Philadelphia’s Signature Chef’s auction and have the best food!

Our second day in Philadelphia was busy too. In the morning we toured the NICU at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and were interviewed on the NBC 10! Show. They had an Irish band on too because it was St. Patrick’s Day. They were fun to watch.

Then we went to the Transportation, Building & Construction Luncheon. I met triplets, who were the ambassadors when they were little. Now they are 12. They told their story on stage in front of 800 people and did a great job. Their dad, Joe Valerio must be very proud.

After the luncheon we visited National March for Babies sponsors Kmart and Famous Footwear. At Kmart, I looked for some shorts. The ones that I liked were way too big. At Famous Footwear, I got to take inventory of shoes. That was fun!