Farmers Ice Cream Social

Farmers Ice Cream Social

Last week we visited Oklahoma City, OK. It was our first time there. We had such a fun week. Everyone we met was so nice and it was sunny and warm outside. When we got off the plane, representatives from Continental Airlines were there to greet us. I took some photos with them and stood on the scale the weighs luggage.  Then we went to the Sports Headliner Banquet. Amazing athletes from Oklahoma were honored. I met Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford, football player Matt Fodge, and basketball player Courtney Pairs. I also met some kids my age who are on a cheerleading team for kids with special needs. We had fun!

The next day we took a tour of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. We met with the Deputy Director and members of the Oklahoma City Sheriff’s Office and Highway Patrol and we honored 2 local police officers for their service to the March of Dimes.  On the tour, I got to look at plant leaves through a microscope and dust a glass for fingerprints.

Next we visited the UCO Sorority Alpha Gamma Delta. They presented the March of Dimes with a check. They raised money by having an ice cream social. My favorite part of the visit was playing on a big swing. That day we also visited Mercy Hospital for a luncheon. There were a lot of other kids there for me to play with. Next we did a live TV interview. My mom lost her voice so my dad did all of the talking. He did really well.

The next day my dad was interviewed on 3 radio stations. Then we all went to the State Capitol for Lobby Day. My mom, dad and I were honored on the House floor. That was fun. I like meeting all of the legislators. We also walked around thanking them for supporting the March of Dimes.

The sweetest part of that day was an ice cream social at Farmers Insurance. I had cake and ice cream and I helped hand out the bowls.  In the evening we took a tour on a boat. Even my monkey George came along.

On Thursday we visited Lakeside Women’s Hospital for breakast and then had a live TV interview on Fox 25.

It was a busy few days in Oklahoma but we had a great time!!